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1915 British Plants used in Witchcraft and Medicine


“Descriptive Notes on Some Plants Used in Witchcraft and Medicine by James Hooper”


Nature Study Exhibit at the Norwich Castle Museum.  This is a complete and very rare booklet that was available during your museum tour in 1915 for the exhibit.   This is the first time the booklet has been in the United States having been in England for the past 108 years.


Consisting of 26 high quality pages of text and information.  There is brown staining at the spine which is from the 108-year-old metal staples (see photos) The pages and paper are in beautiful condition. 


It lists specific herbs and their uses throughout the booklet. A quote from James Hooper “The herb gatherer, most delightful of cunning rustic men, with ancient wisdom, and possessing magical secrets.  His old beautiful knowledge is fast dying out.”…


A very coveted and amazing addition to your historic “witchcraft medicine” library

Questions?  Please ask.


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