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The Altar Room by Shasta

One of the few locations remaining in the United States that exclusively specializes in Pagan and Occult history preservation. The Altar Room is a museum shop thoughtfully curating esoteric and metaphysical wonder! Including rare altar supplies and provisions of the old-world. The Altar Room is a conservator of many decommissioned natural history pieces on exhibit. Do you love books? We provide an extensive collection of rare and antique witchcraft and occult books that will inspire you! The Altar Room also offers a variety of in-person classes, and beautiful events throughout the year. Welcome!


Our Past & Present:

Our family have been passionate preservationists for generations. Now a 4th generation shopkeeper, I carry on this tradition during travels and gatherings. Bringing forth a display of pagan heirlooms from different countries throughout the world. The museum items and specimens in The Altar Room all tells a story. Now, as the sole curator, I continue the old-world tradition of providing supplies, rarities, and a 20-year history teaching classes & lectures.


Your purchases keep this exhibit open and operating.

Your visit will be an enchanting walk-through history that is welcoming and educational.

Shasta Smith - Shop Curator
Pagan Supplies
The Altar Room
Witchcraft Altar
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