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The Altar Room by Shasta

The Altar Room is an iconic event venue within a museum curiosity and history! A conservator of rare and unique provisions of the old-world.


Shasta Smith is the owner and conservator of The Altar Room. She is also known for her influential Sacramento venue “Vintage Monkey” that housed a museum of antique motorcycles from around the world. Smith designs and creates inspiring experiences. She has been published twice in the Wall Street Journal and named Wall Street Journal’s top 10 favorites in 2019. The Altar Room is a stunning event venue known for its beautiful “Cabinet of Curiosity”, history, and hosting intimate events that will leave you and your guests in awe. A location designed for people who enjoy privacy and exclusivity.


Our Past & Present:

Our family have been passionate preservationists for several generations. Now a 4th generation shopkeeper, I carry on this tradition during travels and gatherings. Bringing forth a display of objet d'art from different countries throughout the world. The museum mementos and specimens in The Altar Room all have a unique preservation story, including numerous natural history donations over the past 25 years. As the sole curator, educator, and venue host, I continue the tradition of providing rarities within a uniquely designed space for the public to enjoy. Your visit will be an enchanting walk-through history that is always welcoming. ~ Shasta Smith

Shasta Smith - Shop Curator
Pagan Supplies
The Altar Room
Witchcraft Altar
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