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Can I be a Vendor / Featured Guest at The Altar Room?

A: Event and guest vendors are by invitation, and limited. If you have something magnificent you feel would be a great feature inside The Altar Room, fill out this >application< and email us the information requested. We will be happy to consider you for a future invitation.

Is Saturday the only day you are open?

A: Yes, we are open exclusively on Saturdays 11am-5pm, no appointment needed. 


Can I bring my child inside your shop?

A: The Altar Room shop is an all-ages location.  Please note however, the shop contains historic and MANY breakable items that can be very tempting for small children to grab and damage.


How can I get a ticket to one of your future “limited seating” events?

A: Newsletter subscribers get dates, information, and first dibs on all ticket opportunities.

Do you buy taxidermy?

A. No.  We accept donations to be included in our natural history exhibit for education.  Please email us directly if you have a donation and we will let you know if it can be accepted and used for public exhibit. 

Can I make a private appointment to shop?

A: Yes.  We schedule private appointments Wednesday/Thursday/Fridays. Most appointment dates are 2 weeks out on the calendar.  Please email at: to coordinate a day/time.  


How often do you teach classes?

A: Up to 5 classes per year are taught on Thursday evenings in The Altar Room. There are only 15-20 seats per class. Each class added is announced in our newsletter.  Newsletters go out once a month.  


I saw something in a photo from your shop that is not in the online store, Can I buy it online?

A: If you see an item that is not in the online store, but maybe you saw it from a social media post (for example), email or call us and let us know what you saw and we will let you know if it's available, its cost, and what the shipping rate would be.  We ship our larger items throughout the United States. You can also view our: Showroom Gallery

I have an antique I want to sell; would you be interested?

A: We are interested in very specific items of a particular age (we are history preservationists). You are welcome to email us a photo(s) and the price you are asking, and we will let you know if we are interested.


Do you have a parking lot?

A: Yes, we have a parking lot, and it is free to park for Altar Room customers


How often do you send out newsletters?

A: Once a month

Do you offer layaway?

A:  We do offer layaway options for in-shop purchases only.  Visit us in person for more information.

How do I learn more about your rare/antique books?

A:  We have created a PDF for you to Click & Read: Understanding "Old Books"

Don't see your question on this list... email it to:

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