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1832 "The Family Library - Natural Magic" "Letters on Natural Magic"


Published in Edinburgh and spending its existence in London. It currently resides in The Altar Room. An impressive 191-year-old hard bound book. A rare and obscure dissertation from the famed Sir David Brewster and addressed to Sir Walter Scott. It is rich in detail and truly fascinating! Considered by the greats as important cultural writing and historical literature.


About the Author:

Sir David Brewster was a Scottish physicist who is best known for inventing the kaleidoscope...Brewster was elected to the Royal Society in 1815 and eventually was one of only a handful of scientists to be awarded all three principal medals of the Society. For his work in optics, Brewster was awarded the Copley Medal in 1815, the Rumford Medal in 1818, and the Royal Medal in 1830. He also was a founder of the British Association for the Advancement of Science.


A description of this rare book:

Brewster was fascinated by the ways that the eye could be deceived. He wrote extensively both about optical illusions and other phenomena resulting from errors of visual perception and about the more mysterious phantasms that had their origin in the human mind. These latter could be in the form of supposedly supernatural apparitions, or the more mundane images conjured up by the memory and imagination. He devoted this entire volume to a popular exposition of these phenomena.

Some key terms used in this book: demonology, magic, magician, supernatural, apparitions, drugs, ancient governments, phenomena, optical illusions and much more.


This first edition book is in good, intact condition. It has shelf wear, and the front interior page is noted with those who have read the book for study, name by name.

Pages are clean and has age spots.

An amazing addition to your historic library!


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