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1916 Kar-Mi and his Mysteries of India

Necromancer, Occult priest, and Conjurer


A 108-year-old promotional newspaper from 1916.  It is said to be, “A series of the most gorgeously stages and astounding feats of skill and mystery ever placed before the public and presented in an unparalleled manner by most original and artistic necromancer of the world “Kar-Mi”. Who spent twenty years of his life as an occult priest in the secret temples of India and the Orient".


The ”black outlined article” on the back part of the newspaper is a part of the print, and NOT outlined by an ink pen.  It was done as part of the printed newspaper to insinuate someone was eagerly circling it, when in fact it was printed like that.

The Newspaper itself is very delicate, and its corners have been clipped which is likely from its original display. It has age chips and splits, but has never been improperly folded. The images and art are amazing.  See photos for details.


If you are a fan of historical accounts of occult necromancy and fortune telling, this is a fantastic addition to your collection!


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