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Vintage 1922 – Sacred Occultism Series - The Truth About Christ and The Atonement


Do you like rare and obscure occult books? Here is an amazing addition to your historic library.

Written by: F. Milton Willis who is a "Fellow of the Theosophical Society; Member of the Order of the Star in the East; Member of the Karma and Reincarnation Legion.


This book is from the Sacred Occultism Series. It discusses what he (the author) calls "A SIGNIFICANT, almost startling body of teachings based upon occult investigation by some of the greatest living occultists.... It seeks in a reasonable manner to replace ordinary views with intelligent understanding.... of the Christ and of Jesus...."

The book contains mentions of: Akashic records, true atonement, secret doctrine, occult meanings and much more.


Published in 1922

100 -page hard bound book with dust jacket. Some pages remain uncut.

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