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1963 What Your Hands Reveal


Are you looking to learn from the old masters & teachers?

Palmistry can be traced back to the beginning of time. Early fortune tellers passed their meanings of the shapes and lines of the hand to the next generation and that generation to the next.  The writer guides you through complete interpretations of the palm with words and diagrams.... and so much more.


A 131-page hard bound book. Includes wonderful illustrations. Pages are in great condition and appears to be an unread book.  The dust jacket has a mylar cover, and the dust jacket has some shelf wear and chips as shown in the photo.


Some key terms used in this book are:  ancient art, palmistry, chirognomy, heartline, psychic powers, Solomons ring, Mystic cross, Mount of Jupiter, The mounts, time of your hand, destiny, and so much more.

An amazing addition to your historic library!

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