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Class Gift Certificate

Give the gift of classes that can be used for a class of their choice!


Note:  Once your payment is made, you will have access to this digital certificate.  You can print it at home and give it as a physical gift.  

When a class becomes available that they want to take, they must:

Email us at: to reserve and confirm a seat.

Just showing up at the door does not guarantee a seat, a syllabus, or proper tools provided for particular classes. Dates and times vary per class. Classes are first announced via Newsletter before they are offered to the general public. Seating is always limited.  Sign up for our newletter on the home page!


  • What you should know:

    We welcome beginners! This is a 2-hour class lecture & questions (15 minutes is devoted to checking in, getting acquainted, picking out a beverage and finding your seat) Your in-class syllabus includes any needed tools as it pertains to this class and is provided by the instructor.

    The do’s and don’ts of our classes:

    *To respect the privacy of attendees: Please do not bring in personal altar or ritual items!  Please do not take photos or video during your visit.  Please do not bring in your prejudices.  Classes are a neutral and safe space for attendees. You are welcome to bring a notebook and an open mind.

    Our facility is a friendly environment that is meant to enjoy and inform.   Come prepared and ready to learn, be on time, and silence your cell phones.  We respect everyone’s time, therefor classes start ON TIME.  The first 15 minutes is set aside to get acquainted and find a seat.  If you are late, come in quietly, check-in, and find a seat immediately.

    Our classes and lectures are structured and based on old-world practices, experiences, and knowledge.   These classes are designed for personal knowledge, and not structured to be intimidating.

    Refund/exchange policy:

    We do not refund classes, however if you feel you cannot make the class, we can reschedule you for the same class at a later date OR exchange it for another class of the same cost.  This MUST be done within 3 days before the class date by emailing:  If you are a “no-show” to class, there is no refund or exchange.

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